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Concert: CassiRaye

Get ready for the release of CassiRaye’s second album titled, WAKE.  Wake is a community collaborative project that has successfully come to fruition through crowd sourcing efforts. The album WAKE is infused with themes surrounding grief, gratitude, and love. Since 2015, CassiRaye has been an active participant in the Sanctuaries Arts Collective based out of Washington D.C. The Sanctuaries is a spiritually, diverse community of artists, creating music and art for social justice. Aligned with their mission to empower people to live creative and soulful lives, CassiRaye is an artist whose creative vision, is as expansive as her soul.

By using her music as a means to process reality, she transforms the heaviness of life into a creative expression that resonates in the hearts of people from all walks of life. She is most inspired by the sound of indigenous peoples around the world as well as, a collection of modern influences such as Jill Scott, Florence Welsh from Florence and the Machine, and Tina Malia.

Born in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, and strongly influenced by her southern roots, audiences find themselves captivated by her earthy, sensual voice, and her original songs lead listeners into the most intimate depths of the human experience.


Friday, July 21st: The Formal Release/ The Opera House in Shepherdstown, WV from 8-10pm

Saturday, August 5th: The Informal Release/ Town Run Brew Pub in Shepherdstown, WV 9-12pm

Learn more about her developing project or listen to tracks from her previous album titled, OPEN

Admission: $5