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Songwriter's Workshop

Come work directly with three musicians to learn about different styles of songwriting and how you can apply learned skills to your own songwriting.

Workshop leaders will be Jeremy Rodgers, Chris Haddox and Taylor Berryhill.

Workshop 1: Chris Haddox

In this workshop I will present my approach to writing songs.  We’ll briefly discuss the roles of topic, structure, lyrics, and melody in crafting a successful song.  While the only person qualified to decide if your own songs are good or bad is you, I am glad to offer some suggestions to help you explore new ideas for lyrics you may have in the works.   One fun approach I take in workshops is using a few simple call and response-type song templates I’ve created to allow us to craft a song together…song by committee, if you will.   In a nutshell, we’ll take a couple of songs I’ve written and I’ll play the first half for you (the “call”) and have you supply the second half (the “response”).  This is a fun exercise where the melody and structure are already determined, allowing you to focus your mind on simply answering the call in whatever ways you can imagine.   Assuming we make some progress, I’ll incorporate at least some of the ideas in the writer performance later that evening! 

Looking forward to spending some time with you and learning from each other.

Workshop 2: Taylor Berryhill

So, I’ll be honest, my approach to songwriting is likely a little unpredictable and seemingly haphazard, but I feel like that’s how our creativity exists in the wild.  It’s our job, as artists, to reign in and channel all of that energy into something tangible and memorable to share with the world (or just keep to yourself, depending on your aspirations and desires for your creative work).  While I can’t exactly provide you with a set formula for how to write a song (and nor should I—lest all of our songs sound the same!) I most certainly can share with you tools, tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years for crafting more memorable and interesting music.  

Some topics I’ll cover:

-how to best tune in to and capture your creative self

-the use of literary devices for efficient and captivating storytelling

-how music theory can be both a help and a hinderance

-avoiding familiar habits in your creative process

I’ll use examples from my music in addition to plenty of songs with which you’re likely already familiar.  And, of course, I’m super excited to hear what you all are working on, as well!

Workshop 3: Jeremy Rodgers

 Songwriting, like all creative endeavors, is initially a solitary pursuit. The goal should be to write something that speaks to you, or for you, and only then refine and edit for an audience. All other aspects of songwriting are technical and only important in how they serve what you are trying to say. Finding that initial spark is half of the work, and the approaches to that search are as varied as people's personalities. Let's discuss inspiration, how to find it, and what to do with it when you do. 

$35 per workshop ticket / $30 if also buying an evening concert ticket

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