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'The Art of Tiny Living' Workshops

Join Colin Williams, a licensed building contractor and creative entrepreneur, for an innovative 3-part workshop on the art of tiny living!

$5 to reserve your seat

Tiny Houses – the Gateway Vehicle to Self-Discovery

Session 1

The Tiny House movement has gained a lot of attention and popularity in the past few years. Come learn what a tiny house is, hear from people that haven chosen to live tiny, and explore the process of down sizing and living a simpler life. LIVING TINY is more than just building a tiny structure, it is a mindset and process that can benefit everyone. Simpler = less stress. Less stuff=more living.

Session 2

We continue the journey of simple living by exploring The ART OF DOWNSIZING. Discover the steps you can take TODAY to simplify. We will provide a road map to self-evaluation and you will learn that living with less is not Deprivation, but rather Intentional Living. There is great freedom that comes from letting go of things/spaces that tend to control us. Intentional living is choosing how we live rather than allowing our environment choose for us.

Session 3

Our 3rd session will get into the details of designing and building a tiny house. We will show examples of quality over quantity of square footage, creative uses of space, materials and multi functional design elements that make a tiny space comfortable and efficient. We will also look at Examples of uses of Tiny Homes, including Investment opportunities.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler"
-Henry David Thoreau

More about Colin Williams:

"During a career that began in the Theatre in college, I have always used the creative talents to help shape the conversation on subjects from health care, to the role of the Arts in our society, to stewardship of the earth and its abundant natural resources and
ways we can all live a better life. With a solid belief and determination that highly energy efficient homes were the way of the future, I acted on my own advice, and in 2002 built a passive solar log home near my hometown of Berkeley Springs, WV. As a licensed building contractor I was able to help many achieve their dreams of owning a small home in the peaceful mountains of West Virginia.

In 2009 I joined forces with Mike & Pete McKechnie, to create Mountain View Solar. Building a solar company in West Virginia meant many opportunities to advocate for renewable energy and speaking as often as possible on solar energy technology and
practical ways we all can live a little greener. After almost nine years working in the solar industry I found myself longing to build again, so in January of 2018 I set out on my life’s next adventure, building Tiny Homes on wheels. 

Simple living has a strong appeal to many. To often we find that modern life mean less living and more stress. There is another way. Tiny Homes and what they represent can be a vehicle to self-discovery. In this series of talks we will explore what the “tiny living” movement is all about."

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