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Tiny Worlds of West Virginia: Water Color Workshop

"Tiny Worlds of West Virginia" watercolor workshop with Featured Artist Rosalie Haizlett


"I am currently working on a series of watercolor illustrations depicting the tiny, quirky creatures of WV like snails, salamanders, and mushrooms.


This workshop will commence with a 15 minute hunt around the River House vicinity for a tiny item (acorn, pinecone, etc.). Then everyone will return to the painting spot and I'll talk a little bit about the importance of noticing details in the small objects in nature.


Each person will spend some time studying their object closely and from every angle, paying attention to unique patterns and features. For example, an acorn cap viewed from above and in detail is reminiscent of a mandala! Then each person will replicate the patterns/shapes colors from their object on a larger scale with watercolor onto their paper. The final pieces will likely be abstract because they are focusing on just a portion of the object.

This workshop can be for all ages, but will work especially well for children." -Rosalie

visit Rosalie Haizlett Design & Illustration page to learn more about Rosalie

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Later Event: July 13
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