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The River House Community Chorus

Love to sing? The River House has a new chorus! The River House Community Chorus will be lead by Elizabeth Podsiadlo - voice instructor at Honeybee Music Studios.

Elizabeth Podsiadlo owns and runs Hampshire Honey Bee Music in Romney, WV.  She has studied a taught voice and piano for more than 15 years.  Her specialty being free and unimpeded vocal production, which stems from an understanding of “belly breathing”   This type of breathing will free the voice and bring more comfort and color into the voice of each singer.  The understanding of “color” comes into play as well, as we learn that each voice has a different timber or color which can be manipulated by the singer through “breathing and facial movement”  We will learn how to blend these colors to make a choir produce a unified sound.   

The understanding of the belly breathing and the facial movement will be taught through breathing exercises and vocal exercises.   These can be very fun and will oxygenate those participating which can lift mood and increase health.    

There is an opportunity to sing a song or two at a WW! Concert as well as carol at the tree lighting ceremony in Capon Bridge!

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