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Featured Gallery Artist Reception: Ken Peyko & The River House Camera Club

Join us as we welcome March’s featured gallery artists Ken Peyko and The River House Camera Club.

Meet the artists and browse their gallery display of photography prints and books.

About Ken Peyko:

Ken Peyko is a resident of Cross Junction, Virginia and has been an avid photographer for many years and enjoys shooting all kinds of images but particularly enjoys macro photography. The small details around us are his inspiration; macro photography encourages us to take a closer look at ordinary objects and making them extraordinary. This interest has led him to pursue water drop photography.

Water drop photographs are.....collisions.

There is something unique about freezing such a brief moment in time. The exact fraction of a second when liquid collides with liquid, droplets with almost an explosive splash create unique shapes with every image.

The collisions are frozen by electronic flash. A millisecond difference between drops can completely change the shape of the collision. The photographs are a combination of light, liquid and time. The manipulation of electronic flash, drop size or drop height can contribute to the shapes and designs of the images. The use of colored dyes and gels add to the excitement and beauty of each photograph and adds a multilayered splendor for the eye to savor. I want the viewer to experience the exhilaration and wonder of my images and walk away saying "wow".

FREE (donations appreciated)