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Artisans' Market

Join us on the first Saturday of every month for our Artisan Market, an open-air, covered arts fair featuring local artists showcasing, demonstrating and selling their work.

Come meet the artists, shop for handmade goods, and visit The River House gallery and Cafe while you're here!

FREE (donations appreciated)

Meet our August Artisan of the Month

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V Lynn Moore

My History: When I was very young, around three or four, I had a passion for horses. I would ask everyone I saw to draw a horse for me, but I was never satisfied with the pictures that others drew. Finally and exasperated, my mom said: “Well draw it yourself!” So I did, and I never stopped drawing.

I grew up in Maryland on the lower Potomac where brackish river meets the Chesapeake Bay and spent an idyllic childhood running in the woods, along the little beach, or floating on the nearby pond. I spent a lot of time sketching some of the wonders that I discovered each day. Sometimes I had no paper, so I would draw on anything such as rocks, wood, walls, or cabinets – much to my mom’s dismay.

As time passes, our lives take many twists and turns. After college, I worked in software development for many years, but by 2005, it was time for change. I quit the tech world, moved west, and have been following my creative passion happily ever after all around the mid-Atlantic region.

Artist Statement: My work has evolved over time; I think for the better. My passion is with oil painting, but I like to experiment with all mediums. I believe that experiencing the beauty of a scene can best be captured on canvas when I immerse myself in all the sensory input that surrounds me and when I am truly being present at the moment in which I am painting.

I am obsessive about conveying the beauty and wonder of the world in which I live. I still hold onto the idealistic belief that perhaps one day, my work will save the world - or at least one wild and wonderful part of it.

Studio: 304.897.7827

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