Featured Visual Artists

The River House Gallery offers emerging and professional artists opportunity to exhibit their work, gain peer recognition, monetary commission, and exposure to the community environment. 

The following artists have displayed their works in our Cafe Gallery.


BRuce Miller

Bruce Miller is from High View, WV. He is a self-taught painter who draws inspiration from WV scenery and nature. Bruce specializes in painting on natural materials, such as turkey feathers, slate, and wood. 


Bryson dolly

Bryson is from Romney, WV. He draws his inspiration from nature and travel. As a Hampshire High School senior, he hopes to continue his passion for photography throughout his life.


susan feller

Susan Feller explores social and ecological topics for change using her fiber arts techniques. Through the process of stitching, pulling loops of fabric and yarns, and manipulating materials, Susan tells her story about living in West Virginia in the 21st century. Visit her website for more of the story, a calendar of workshops and exhibits and the SHOP page to select a piece for you or a friend.

Susan is a juried Tamarack Foundation artist.


Seth Pitt

Seth Pitt's work ranges from hand drawn fine art to mixed media collages, and incorporates his most meaningful revelations in life which he describes as “deeply profound, oddly silly, and quite simple”. His fine art is created with permanent markers and is broken up into 4 series, some of which are accompanied by poems and short stories.

Liz Braun Stained Glass Artist.jpg

Elizabeth Braun

Elizabeth Braun is a glass artist. In 1986 she founded Elizabeth’s Glassworks LLC, specializing in custom architectural glass commissions. In addition to architectural work, Liz works in warm glass methods including fusing, kiln forming, glass casting, and pate-de-verre. Most recently her work has won awards at The 15th Bi-annual Creative Craft Council Exhibition, the Fall Fine Arts Show in W.V., and Best in Show at the Spring Fine Arts Show, also in W.V. Liz's art work may be found at Tamarack, WV, Mountain City Traditional Arts in Frostburg,MD, the Hampshire County Co-op, Romney, WV, as well as select stores, and in private collections and galleries.


Melissa jackson

Melissa Jackson is an artist from Petersburg, West Virginia. Her painting, collage, and installation work has been displayed at the Shenandoah Valley Art Center in the "40 Under 40" exhibit. "I see my work as emotional landscapes with found material. Utilizing my own personal regrets, feelings, disdain & love, reflected not just in the work itself, but in the fact that it truly was made with the intent and release of an inner dialogue made visual. "

-Melissa Jackson


will wilson

Will Wilson is a graffiti artist.


Doran Richards

Doran Richards is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) serving the Shenandoah Valley and beyond through Grace Midwifery. Art and music speak to her soul, nourish her and fuel her for her other callings and "hats" she wears. She picked up Alcohol Ink the year after her cancer treatment for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She is past her two-year remission mark and loves the outlet of being creative for her on-going healing.  

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 10.33.03 PM.png

Liberty View

Quilt Shop

Located in Capon Bridge, Liberty View Quilt Shop is full of fiber art supplies and goods. They also feature sewing classes. Works displayed in the gallery included quilts, wool appliquéd items, handbags, quilted decor, and recycled paper bowls. Featured artists: Joyce Bancroft, Mary Myers, Judy Whitacre, Carol Hurd and June Toward


Melissa Snell

Melissa lives in Capon Bridge and has a love for capturing raw images, just as one would see them with the naked eye.
"I became interested in photography through my life-long love of birding; I wanted to capture the images to enjoy at home. I have since expanded to capturing images of other wild life, landscapes, and rural scenes, mostly in Virginia and West Virginia. Lately, I have started doing environmental portraits and black and white images." - Melissa


Christa Lemons

Christa Lemons has always had an interest in weaving.  She graduated from Indiana University Hope School of Fine Arts in December 2000 at the age of 40. In 2009 Christa found the Weaving A Life web site and met Susan Barret-Merrill. Christa has floor looms, table looms, Inkle looms, tapestry loom and even a Carol Leigh Triangle loom. As a teacher, Christa looks forward to helping people better understand what is most important to them so that they might live a more healthy and productive life.


The River House

Camera Club

The River House Camera Club is open to anyone interested in photography. By consensus we have a basic structure of meeting every two weeks, one meeting for a photo shoot (topic voted on at the previous meeting) and the next meeting a presentation on a area of interest and also sharing the photos taken at the previous photo shoot, with helpful comments by fellow club members. Topics we have covered so far and will again: “What is that button for?” “Depth of Field, Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed” and “Composition.” We have done a photo shoot at North River Mills, the Winchester walking mall and The Piccadilly train station. 
Come join us!