Featured Visual Artists

The River House Gallery offers emerging and professional artists opportunity to exhibit their work, gain peer recognition, monetary commission, and exposure to the community environment. 


BRuce Miller

Bruce Miller is from High View, WV. He is a self-taught painter who draws inspiration from WV scenery and nature. Bruce specializes in painting on natural materials, such as turkey feathers, slate, and wood. 


Bryson dolly

Bryson is from Romney, WV. He draws his inspiration from nature and travel. As a Hampshire High School senior, he hopes to continue his passion for photography throughout his life.


susan feller

Susan Feller explores social and ecological topics for change using her fiber arts techniques. Through the process of stitching, pulling loops of fabric and yarns, and manipulating materials, Susan tells her story about living in West Virginia in the 21st century. Visit her website for more of the story, a calendar of workshops and exhibits and the SHOP page to select a piece for you or a friend.

Susan is a juried Tamarack Foundation artist.


will wilson

Will Wilson