(left to right) Johanna Murray (Arts Program Director), Danielle Popp (Cafe staff), Jenn Lockwood (Board of Directors)


Welcome to our new cafe co-managers!!
We are so happy to have Dale Brady and Taylor Berryhill join our River House team . They each bring a unique set of talents, ideas and dedication to our Community Arts mission.

You may already recognize Dale in our community from her contributions to the HAMS theater group, Ice Mountain Writers, Sustainable Potomac Highlands (SPH), the Hampshire County Arts Council (HCAC) and more. Did you also know she has cooked for rafting trips, a dude ranch, a vegetarian retreat center and owned her own restaurant?! Heads up- Dale loves to bake and her muffins and brownies are irresistible!

Taylor became an invaluable part of the River House community this summer while interning on a nearby farm. He was involved in all aspects of our July opening- building, painting, stocking shelves and setting up sound equipment. As a singer-songwriter and former coffee shop barista, Taylor understands the arts-food connection well. We appreciate the knowledge he brings about customer service, good coffee, craft beer and vendor relations. And, to entertain us during slow stretches, he plays a mean yukelele!

And, thankfully, Danielle is still rockin' the apron on Friday nights (even though she returned to her full-time job at the middle school) . Dale, Taylor and Danielle are a terrific team- The River House is lucky to have them!

Some of the amazing volunteers who have helped us put the finishing touches on our historic building:

Thank you to all the volunteers who showed up to The River House's Workday & Bake Sale on April 8th, 2017!

As a team we cleaned up the side yard, planted flowers, painted benches, created walking paths, and made progress on outdoor construction projects. 

We also raised funds for our Kickstarter campaign thanks to generous volunteers who baked sweet treats to sell.

Enjoy the video slideshow!

We held our first two VOLUNTEER DREAMING MEETINGS in February & March where we talked about The River House's mission, engaged in creative brainstorming activities, and shared ideas for how The River House can serve the community to the best of its ability. Over 5o inspirational volunteers showed up! Here are some highlights...

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